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The human touch

Our part in the creation of a Universe

Project description

We interpreted the existing classical plot of ancient Greek mythology about the Atlants holding the celestial sphere in the modern vein. In our story, we symbolically visualized the world of the future to be held by androids - humanoid robots or synthetic organisms, designed to look and act like a human being. Each spectator has an opportunity to influence the visual series on the sphere by the means of generative mapping. The sculpture changes depending on the time of day: hand-painted futuristic airbrush painting on the dome during the daytime are revived by means of mapping and LED illumination in the dark.

Visual concept

During the first 6 days the installation represents the elements that make up the Sun - Chrome, Neon, Magnum, Sulfur, Silicon, and Iron. All these elements together make up only 1% of the Sun, and at the same time are an integral part of it. Every day there’s a new projection with a new element.  On the last night the sphere turns into the Sun and symbolically burns on the final day of the happening.The sphere begins to glow in the dark. If no one interacts with the object, the projection represents the birth of a new planet: disjointed particles. Everyone can "help" Atlantes to keep the "World" on their shoulders, or simply touch the sphere. Depending on the number of people involved, the projection changes. The more people are involved, the more the story develops, thus creating a new world - a new planet that symbolizes the element of this day. When the maximum number of people interacts with the art object, the image on the sphere reaches its peak: the element of this particular day forms the planet, actively shines and changes. 

Each of the projections has several phases of development, depending on the number of people interacting with it. When people move away from the installation, the projection returns to its initial point of development - the Origin.
Every day, everyone who wants to unite - creates a new element of the Sun. On the seventh day, all elements are added together and form the Sun.
Drawing a parallel with a fact that all people on Earth are only microscopic particles that form life on this planet, we emphasize the importance of each life. Just like the Sun would not be the Sun without 1% of the elements in its composition, we are able to achieve something and change something only by acting together.

Technical concept

The design of the art object consists of several groups of structures: a sphere from a prefabricated metal frame, Atlantes and a base. The sphere has a rigid frame made of metal reinforcement bars with bolted joints. The frame is covered with a banner fabric, sewn in advance. The sphere has a rigid base where the equipment communication unit will be located, projectors and image broadcasting devices are located. The rigid base is welded to vertical supports that pass through the body of the robots of the Atlantes.

Atlantes are figures of stylized robots, printed on a 3d printer. Electrical connections are hidden inside the pipes and partially pass through the body of the robots. The lower part of the pipes is fixed by means of electric welding to the metal plates in the base. Metal plates from above are covered with sheets of plywood, which will serve as the foundation. Under the site there is a place for wiring electrical connections.  

The whole construction will be illuminated with comfortable light. This solution will protect people from collision with the design and the device will be outstanding in the dark. To do so, high-performance LEDs are placed inside the structure of 3d printed robots. Due to transparency of the plastic material, there will be a neon glow effect on the entire surface of our design. Particular attention will be paid to highlighting the protrusions and branches of our exhibit.  


Ai.tlants project aims to stir up the feelings of the spectator and induce his/her reflection and feedback through visual, tactile and audio interaction with a piece:
  • Visual interaction -  People touch the sphere and change the visual mapping on the sphere. There are 2 types of sensors - termal and capacitive. Thus, we will receive several signals from a person's hand. The more signals, the more variations of our sphere mapping. Each person will have an individual influence on the sphere! 
  • Tactile interaction - When a person touches the sphere, he/she feels a vibration, kind of a mix of tactile and emotional experience. This is achieved by a certain level of vibration and amplitude modulation.
  • Audio interaction - We will use low and infra-low sounds. With the help of resonance effects of the sphere itself or the dynamics under it, one can create sounds that affect not only on auditory receptors in a person, but also its skin receptors. Such sounds can easily result in surprise, attention and alertness, etc. Our stereo system is designed to enhance emotional effect of the crowd in their interaction with our exhibit. The sound will be pleasant and voluminous, but the influence and audibility will be limited only by the short range - less than 10 feet. 

Our awesome team

We are a friendly collective who decided to create something beautiful

Alexandra Stepanenko

2d Artist

Vitalii Stetsiuk

2d/3d artist

Sveta Reinish

Visual Design

Oleksii Tronchuk


Gennadiy Zhuga


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